About the hall of residence

At each hall there are 15 residents, who share a relatively big kitchen, a tv room and a living room. You also have duties in the kitchen, a week once every two months or so. In each kitchen there is a kitchen tax, which is about 50 kr., a month. These cover spices, plastic bags, cleaning supplies and other things you need in the kitchen.

When you enter your room, you enter in an entrance where you have four closets for clothes and other stuff. If you go to the right and walk past the closets you’ll walk into the bathroom. If you instead walk straight when you enter the room, you’ll walk in to the main room, which you can see below, both with furniture, so you can see the options, and how it will look when you arrive. You have one big window, which reaches from the floor to the sealing. Next to the window, you have at magnetic board in the same size as the window.

 If you have any other questions you are welcome to contact the resident board: vilhelmkiers@gmail.com or the caretakers at: kiers@kollegiekontoret.dk. However you can also take at look in the information folder, which there is a link to at the start page in the corner to the right.

Besides this home page you can visit the hall at Facebook in the group: Vilhelm Kiers

Vilh. Kiers. also has a bar, which is open Thursday from 9 pm to 2 am and Friday and Saturday from 11 pm and onwards. The bar, which is called baren.dk, is located besides the caretakers office, above the Laundromat. During each semester the bar has a bunch of special event that are advertised on the bulletin boards in the hallways. Other info can be found on their homepage, www.baren.dk


Do I have to bring pots and pans? – No you do not. All the kitchens are equipped with all kinds of pots and pans, stoves, ovens, toasters, microwave ovens, plates, cutlery, tea towels, and everything else you could need in a kitchen.

What do I have to bring for the room? – For the room you don’t need to bring much. At Vilh. Kiers, there is opportunity to borrow beds, shelves, lamps, a chair and a desk.  On the other hand you have to bring towels, bedcovers, pillows and blankets.

What about laundry? We have our own laundromat, placed beneath the bar. You pay with the card you get when you move in.



Vilh. Kiers Music Union

Welcome to the Vilhelm Kiers Music Union.

Here you can find information about how to become a member of the union, how to gain access to the music room, rules of conduct for the music room, etc.

The music room is situatied in the basement in the common building (under the bar) - across from the laundry room.