Info about renovation of the facade

The facade of the hall of residence is going to be renovated. 

This is going to affect all Vilh. Kiers Kollegiet's accommodations. 



Block with accommodations (after the renovation)

Common house (after the renovation)

3-D plan of a room with the temporary wall

Plan of a room with the temporary wall

Covid 19 - when you live in a hall of residence

Prevent the transmission of covid 19, when you live close together.

Kollegiekontorets recommondations regarding common areas

A common kitchen/area is at part of the lease for the 15 residents living in in the corridor. The 15 persons living in the same corriodor are therefoere allowed to stay at the common areas at any time.

Gatherings with other people: Because a common kitchen/area is shared by multiple leases, the kitchen is not fully considered as private and the small assembly ban for 5 persons could apply as soon as a non-resident enter the common areas. There is therefor a maximum of 5 persons.

As always, remember good hygiene, keep a distance, and cut yourself off from other people if you’re ill.

Everybody has a responsibility and together but apart we can reduce the virus

We also recommend that you discuss the issue in your corridor about how you each feel about the situation, so you can respect each others boundaries and take everybodys perspectives into account.

Vilhelm Kiers Kollegium

Welcome to the homepage of the Vilhelm Kiers Kollegium. In here you will find almost all information about the facilities, unions and operations of the dorm.

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If you are looking for information about the different unions of the dorm then look under tab "Unions" in the menu.

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Bike and scooter raid

It’s time for a bike and scooter raid. By the 11/10 2021 all bikes and unregistered scooters will be marked with a yellow tag. You must remove the tag from your bike/scooter on the 8/11 2021 at the latest.