Gym membership

Membership periods

  • 1st September – 28th February
  • 1st March – 31st August

  • Discount will under no circumstances be given at any time.
  • All unpaid memberships are terminated on 1st March and 1st September

Practical information

You access the gym with your black chip. Access is controlled by the caretakers. The residents' council sends information to the caretakers about who is allowed to access.

Membership registration/renewal

  1. Transfer 200 DKK to: Reg. 4645 Account no. 12548273.
    • Only bank transfers are allowed (no payment by cash).
    • In comment box note: Name, block no. and room no.
      • Ex: Jonas, B35R23
  2. Write an e-mail to containing:
    • Your name.
    • Block no. and room no.

Membership information will be sent to the caretakers on approximately the 1st or 15th of each month. A couple of days after you will have access. Please pay 2 days before due date, or access cannot be guaranteed from that date.

Terminate membership

Write and e-mail to containing:

  • Your name.
  • Block no. and room no.

Gym rules

  1. Memberships are personal. It is not allowed to hand over or lend your card to others. You must always bring your card when using the gym’s facilities.
  2. Smoking or alcohol consumption is not permitted.
  3. The machines must be used as prescribed. This especially applies to weight limits for certain machines.
  4. It is every members duty to clean up after themselves. It is not permitted to move the machines. After use weights must be put back in place.
  5. The board is permitted to close the gym for any period of time e.g. christmas, holidays, parties etc. without notice.
  6. Use of gym facilities are at one’s own risk. Damage to the facilities will entail liability for damages.
  7. Membership cards will be closed in case of lack of payment.
  8. Violations of the rules may cause termination of membership. In severe cases the board will decide whether a member will be excluded.


All communication with the board of the gym is done through e-mail:

Information about the running of the gym can be found on our facebook page:

Vilh. Kiers Motionsrum